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Vancouver Biennale’s BIKEnnale

The Vancouver Biennale BIKEnnale/WALKnnale will help Vancouverites of all ages and abilities practice what they love most – enjoying their city's outdoor public spaces in a healthy, memorable, and safe way. For SIX SUNDAYS THIS SUMMER (July 26th – August 30th) participants can choose to cycle or walk easy-to-navigate online routes anchored by Biennale art installations. There will be a new route released every Sunday.

The BIKEnnale/WALKnnale will guide participants on an inspiring tour through 18 of Vancouver’s distinctly diverse neighbourhoods. Click on the virtual map icons to read highlights of each area's historically rich, architecturally unique, and culturally profound areas along the way.

By submitting photos with Biennale art installations on the route to answer Biennale BIG IDEAS questions surrounding the art installations history, message, and making, participants will be entered to win that week's raffle prize. Extra raffle entries can be gained by tagging @van_biennale (insta)/ @VancouverBiennale (facebook)/ @Van_Biennale (twitter) showing “spirit”, including costumes and themed participants.

Registration to the event is by donation.

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