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BLM Campaign Resources

We are in the business of making people smile with our caps. We rarely take ourselves very seriously. However, we are taking our role in advocating for black lives very seriously. We have been hitting major milestones in making our company more inclusive to the entire BIPOC community. 

The first step in our journey was to accept that we do make a difference and how we show up influences others. Therefore, we took the CIP pledge and are following the 10 guiding principals.   

The next step is to provide easily accessible resources to educate ourself.

Cycling specific Resources

WTF Bike Explorers


General Resources

Anti-Racist Resource Guide by: Tasha K

For white people to deepen there anti-racist work

Black Owned Businesses list

Mental Health Issues Facing The Black Community

Black Youth Matters: Understanding Mental Health Issues Among Black Teens

Black Men Matter


Vancouver Specific 

BLM Vancouver