About Us


Fix That Bike is a cycling apparel design company based in Vancouver BC. We take great pride in sourcing our materials and producing our products in beautiful British Columbia. 
At Fix That Bike our goal is to create functional cycling apparel that is both innovative and new to the industry. As avid cyclist ourselves we ensure the products are well-made, perform and are super fun. 
We hope you will enjoy our product as much as we have enjoyed creating it!

Our Team!

Marie-Noelle Legere
  • Head Designer / Owner
  • Always on a bike
  • Bachelor of Fashion Design
  • Gained design experience at Aritzia, Strike Movement and other private label outer wear companies
Robert Gutowski
  • Assistant Designer
  • Never Not Riding
  • Professional Mechanical Engineer
Kristian Smith
  • Assistant Designer
  • Never Ever Not Riding
  • Professional Mechanical Engineer


Valerie Legere
  • Photographer
  • Pioneer / original fixed rider
  • Taker of beautiful pictures
  • valerie@valerielina.com
  • valerielina.com
For any inquires or question please e-mail info@fixthatbike.ca